Fall season

Well, fall has definitely set in for us. We have had two rather hard frosts and that put an end to our berries except for our grapes. They will last for a short time yet. There are still many on the vines and they are super sweet.
This is our last week for any Farmers Markets as well. Won’t be back to them until next May.
We do not have regular hours this time of the year although we will have some produce available at least through the month of October. At this time, we have slicing tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, daikon radishes and lettuce.
Make sure to call to place an order or to set up an appointment for picking grapes or picking up some produce.
218-838-3954 or 218-838-3044.
Will let you know when we are officially done for the season.
Thanks much!!!!

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