Hope everyone has survived our looooong cold winter. Some days it seems like it isn’t over yet. We saw snow flakes just last Sunday. Enough is enough.
John & Ruth would like to let everyone know that we are no longer the owners of Brambling Rows Berry Farm. We would like to introduce Rachel and Travis Cobb. A very young energetic passionate couple that made the purchase for their new venture on April 25th, 2019. We welcome them and hope they are successful with their new endeavor.
At this time, Rachel & Travis are carrying the same products that we have been carrying over the years and still have the pick your own berries…summer and fall red raspberries, blueberries and grapes. No strawberries this year though.
You can still purchase your heirloom tomato bedding plants, heirloom tomatoes early that are raised in the greenhouses and heirloom canning tomatoes later in the season. They will continue raising our “Godsend Lettuce” that has been so popular for so many years now. They are planting produce in the fields and greenhouses as we have over the years plus some new ideas that Rachel is introducing to the product line.
At this time, John & Ruth are working with Rachel and sharing what we have learned over the years. It is wonderful to be working and passing down our ideas and having a chance for us to transition into our retirement and fishing extravaganzas!!!! John said that he will work with Rachel & Travis until they get sick of him and kick him out :)))
Please stop by the farm, the Lakes Area Growers Market on Tuesdays at Franklin Arts Center, Fridays at the Viking Land Harley Davidson Parking Lot, Nisswa Farmers Market at the American Legion Parking Lot in Nisswa. Market hours are 8:00-12:30.
Please watch for hours at the farm. Right now, hours at the field are the usual during plant sales. 11:00 – 5:00, Monday – Saturday.
Hours will change when the berries start coming in.
Please stop by to get your heirloom tomato bedding plants (slicers, canners and cherry), Instant Gardens, heirloom pepper, broccoli, kale and kraut cabbage, 1 gallon pepper plants and grape vines that are hardy in our area.
Please stop by and meet the new owners and acquire some new ideas for growing and new recipes.
Thanks for your patronage over the years.
Please don’t stop now…..products and good service still available as usual!!!

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