Fall Raspberries and Fall Strawberries are available now…..

Fall RaspberriesStrawberries













Please call 218-838-3954 to get on the list or schedule an appointment.

We also have canning tomatoes available.  Please call the above number to get on the call list.

We still have our yummy greenhouse tomatoes, Swiss chard, cucumbers, peppers, and some lettuce. You may be able to see the biggest kohlrabi you have ever seen that never gets woody.  Our Grapes are ready for picking and we have a very abundant supply this year.  Don’t miss out!!!!

We do not have regular hours this time of the year and do by appointment because we don’t want people to drive out and our not have the product available that particular day.

Don’t forget, you can stand up to pick our fall strawberries – no more crawling around on the ground – Yahoo!

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