About the Farm

Brambling Rows Berry Farm is a U-Pick berry farm.  We have summer red raspberries, purple raspberries, black raspberries, fall red raspberries, blueberries, and grapes.  We raise heirloom tomatoes with flavors from as far back as 1896.  We raise broccoli, lettuce, green onions, rhubarb and bush cherries.  This year, 2008, we hope to start strawberries.

Except for the black raspberries, most home gardeners in Central  Minnesota could probably make the same statements.  So what makes us different?  Well, much of our produce can’t be found anywhere else in the world because we are breeding them ourselves.  Purple raspberries that will cover a quarter?  You bet!  Black raspberries that have to be pruned back to 6 – 8 ft. from 15 or 16 feet in height?  And, berries as rich as anything you’ve tasted in Central  Minnesota after -30˚ temperatures?  Yup!  How about a purple or black raspberry plant that doesn’t need any special pruning?  Just mow them down each spring and pick berries that fall from disease free canes.  Well, we are working on them and we are very close to having them.

Want lettuce that will keep for a month in the crisper?  Cherry tomatoes that are picked while standing up but don’t need to be tied to a trellis or cage?  Our broccoli is part of our disease control.  After the heads are picked by our customers, the plants are tilled under.  As they decay, the plants give off gases in the soil that helps control soil borne fungal diseases.

All of our heirloom tomato pants are inoculated with beneficial fungus that helps to protect the plants from destructive fungi and acts as an extended root system.  We teach each of our customers how to plant and care for their heirloom tomato plants to get the most from them.  One skeptic said that he would try our system.  He called back the next spring wanting more plants because he had never had such good tomatoes, one of which weighed 4 lbs.  That’s a large tomato even for the “Brandywine” that he raised.

We are a u-pick/breeding/research farm that, while raising many older varieties of fruits and veggies, go way beyond the “raising” and take pride in developing new methods of growing plants for the north country as well as new varieties through breeding and selection.  Come see functioning commercial “pit” greenhouses, the benefits of drip irrigation, or taste new raspberries not found anywhere else in the world. Take home a quart or two of berries, a jar of homemade jam, or fond memories of spotting an eagle or indigo bunting.