• Spring has finally sprung!

    We are up and running. John is selling at the Farmers Markets already!

    We are carrying our heirloom tomato plants again this year and selling at the field, Ace Hardware in Brainerd, the Lakes Area Growers Market Tuesdays at the Franklin Arts Center Parking Lot – Brainerd, Fridays at the Gander Mountain Parking Lot – Baxter and Thursdays at the Nisswa Farmers Market – Nisswa. ALL MARKETS HOURS: 8:00 – 12:30.
    Farm hours: 11:00 – 5:00 Monday – Saturday. Sundays: 2:00 – 5:00.

    We only have our lettuce available at this time for produce, but it won’t be long…..will keep you posted as products come in.

  • Winter has hit Minnestoa

    Wow, what a lovely fall we have had and all of sudden, it is no more. Our highs have been in the 20’s the last few days. Brrr! Everything outside is put to bed for the winter.
    We do have lettuce, bell peppers and daikon radishes still producing in the greenhouses. We are keeping the furnaces going at this time. Looks like a warm up may be in store for us and we may just keep the greenhouses going longer than Thanksgiving.
    Just give us a call at 218-838-3954 if interested in any of the above produce.
    Thanks so much for coming by this summer at the field, or the various markets we are vendors at, or any community events you may have attended. We appreciate your stopping by.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from the Berry Farm.

  • Update on fall products

    Grapes have all been picked. Strawberries are far and few between. We still have Fall raspberries for picking.
    Things are starting to wind down for the outside produce. We will carry lettuce, Swiss chard, heirloom slicing tomatoes and bell peppers until mid Thanksgiving.
    We will not be keeping regular hours so please call 218-838-3954 if you would like to come out for anything.
    Enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

  • Don’t miss out on your fall products!

    Fall is here and we all know what is coming next!
    Call: 218-838-3954 to make an appointment to pick fall raspberries and fall strawberries and grapes that are great for making juice, jelly, jam & wine.
    We still have a few canning tomatoes available as well. Make sure to get on the list.
    Thanks much and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

  • September – 2015

    We do not have regular set hours this time of the year. Please call 218-838-3954 to make an appointment or to get on our call list for picking fall strawberries or fall raspberries or grapes. You can also call to get on our canning tomato list and order green beans for canning.
    Thank you very much.

  • Grapes are ready for picking!

    Please call 218-838-3954 to make an appointment for picking our excellent grapes that are good for juice, jelly, jam & wine.
    We still have fall raspberries and fall strawberries for picking as well.
    Sorry if you have tried calling our home phone anytime after 8/28/15. It has been out of operation and are STILL waiting for Century Link to come and repair it.
    Thanks much!


    We do not have regular set hours this time of the year. Please call 218-838-3954 to make an appointment or to get on our call list for picking fall strawberries or fall raspberries or grapes. You can also call to get on our canning tomato list.
    Thank you very much.

  • Fall raspberries and Fall strawberries

    We have fall berries producing right now. Lots of strawberries and the raspberries are about to reach their peak. So far we aren’t having much trouble with the Drosophila fruit fly in the fall crops.
    Please call 218-829-3241 to leave a message, schedule an appointment or get on the call list. You can also call 218-838-3954.
    We realize that people get out of the berry picking mode or some don’t realize there are fall berries. Well, there are and we would love to have you try some. They seem to be bigger and sweeter than the summer berries. Talk to you soon!
    Don’t forget – our grapes will be ready about the 1st of September. We share a WONDERFUL grape juice recipe. Tastes great and it is easy to make.

  • Summer red raspberry picking came to a halt!

    It brings us great displeasure to tell you we need to cease all summer raspberry picking for this year because:
    In 2012, an Asian pest made it to Minnesota from California. The Drosophila Fruit Fly wreaks havoc on soft skinned fruit like raspberries, strawberries, grapes and cherries. Last year it was found in some of our later raspberries so we took steps to try to prevent a repeat problem by trying to trap them before they caused a lot of damage.
    It didn’t work and we must stop raspberry picking right at the peak production.
    With help from the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture, we are trying to find a way to keep them out of the fall bearing fruit we raise.
    We ask your patience until the fall fruits ripen. In the mean time, come to the Farmer’s Markets for our veggie produce: lettuce, tomatoes (can order bushels for canning also), cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, Daikon radishes, broccoli, green beans (also by the bushel for canning), snap peas, garlic, cucumbers and peppers. Thank you for patronage.