• Summer 2015

    Just a quick note to remind everyone that our strawberries are FALL strawberries and not ready until about mid-August.
    Our summer raspberries won’t be ready until after July 4th. Call 218-829-3241 at that time to make sure there is picking the day you would like to come.
    Blueberries should be ready about the third week of July.
    Fall raspberries about mid – August
    Grapes about first week of September.
    Please call for hours as the berries come in.
    We still have bedding plants available for a few days and Instant Gardens will be around for at least 2 – 3 weeks until sold out. They are on sale now and so are the heirloom bedding plants. You can still buy Instant Gardens at Ace Hardware in Brainerd and at the Farmers Markets and at our field.
    We are hoping we have a good berry season. Raspberries are looking fantastic!!!
    Come see us if you can.

  • Spring has Sprung 2015

    Ruth Iphone 4-015 016Things are growing – in the greenhouses anyway.  We are having a bit of a cold snap right now and hoping to get some rain as we had an open winter.  Surely a lot different than last year.  Oh well, it is what it is!  It has really been dangerously dry in our area and lots of very strong winds.  Not a good combination!

    We will be starting the farmers market very soon:
    Nisswa Farmers Market   5/7/15   Nisswa, MN   American Legion Parking Lot
    Lakes Area Growers Market   5/8/15   Baxter, MN   Gander Mountain Parking Lot
    Lakes Area Growers Market   5/12/15 Brainerd, MN   Franklin Arts Parking Lot
    All market hours are the same: 8:00 a.m – 12:30 p.m.

    We have our Instant Gardens and our  1 gallon potted pepper plants available for Mother’s Day gifts.  We also have our Heirloom tomato (Slicer & Cherry) 3 1/2″ pots and 4 packs available.  We are carrying our 4 packs of kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower & peppers again this year.  Hope you will be able to come to one of the markets or come to our field.  Don’t forget to call first for our hours at the field as we have weddings and other important family get-togethers that we don’t want to miss this summer.

    We are also selling our “One of a Kind” lettuce and green onions at the Crow Wing Co-op in Brainerd & at the field.  They will be available at the markets as well as our plants and jams & jellies.

    Photo 1

    Ruth Iphone 4-015 014

    Ruth Iphone 4-015 015


    Ruth Iphone 4-015 012

  • End of another season!

    Wow, where did 2014 go????
    Wasn’t that long ago that we were thinking – “Here we go again” months of long days working in the fields. Well, our fields are covered with white and woke up to 6 degrees this morning.
    We actually shut our last greenhouse down this week. We picked our last lettuce on November 25th and still have tomatoes ripening in the basement. After the tomatoes are done ripening, we can call it quits until the first week of January when we will be starting our tomatoes for 2015. We don’t go without fresh produce for too long as our lettuce will be big enough to pick by April.
    We want to wish you all good health and a very Happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Look for an update in March.

  • Changes Happening!

    The summer red raspberries are done for the season.  Our Fall Strawberries are just starting and our Fall Raspberries should start ripening about the week of August 25tth.  If you would like to get on the list for u-pick strawberries or on the list for canning tomatoes, please call 218-838-3954.  We will also have pick your own grapes about the first week of September.

    Don’t forget, our canning tomatoes are a variety of Heirloom tomatoes.

    We raise other produce as well.  Lettuce, slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, cucumbers, green beans, Romano pole beans, garlic bulbs, Daikon radishes, HOT Serano peppers, broccoli, & snap peas.  All of these are available at the Farmers Markets that we attend:

    Tuesdays:  Franklin Arts Center Parking Lot, Brainerd, Minnesota

    Thursdays: Nisswa Farmers Market – American Legion Parking Lot – Nisswa, Minnesota

    Fridays: Gander Mountain Parking Lot – Baxter, Minnesota

    All market hours are 8:00 – 12:30.

    Hours at the field are 11:00 – 5:00 Monday – Saturday         2:00 – 5:00 on Sundays

    Appointments can be made for earlier in the morning by calling 218-838-3954

  • Red Raspberries

    We have a lot of red raspberries at this time. Please call 218-838-3954 for daily availability. Don’t forget, we also have fall raspberries. They usually start producing about 2 weeks after the summers are done. If you miss out now, call in mid-August or until we have a hard frost because that is how long the falls produce!!!!
    If you come out, please use the business address in your GPS system: 7664 Roscoe RD. Brainerd, MN
    It is time to get your name on the canning tomato list as well. Call the same number.

  • Berry Picking

    We have a lot of red raspberries at this time. We also have blueberries. Please call 218-838-3954 for daily availability.
    If you come out, please use the business address in your GPS system: 7664 Roscoe RD. Brainerd, MN


    We are experiencing the ending of a cold snap right now, so things should start ripening a little faster in the fields.
    We actually do have a good crop of summer raspberries going right now. They are quite plentiful and when they are done, the fall raspberry patch looks just great. We should have raspberries until it freezes.
    We don’t have very many blueberries at all this year. The winter and spring we had took a toll on them. There should be a few around July 22nd. Sorry, there won’t be enough for everyone that wants to pick this year 🙁
    Fall strawberries should be ready about mid-August and grapes should be ready about the first of September.
    You can get your canning tomatoes from us as well, just give us a call to place an order.

  • Hours during bedding plant season

    Hours at this time are 11:00 – 5:00 Monday – Saturday and 2:00 – 5:00 on Sundays.
    We have our Heirloom tomato plants for sale at this time. We carry: Brandywine, Bullsheart, Clear Pink Early, Leo’s German, Marglobe, Pineapple, Polish Linquisa, Nebraska Wedding, & Rutgers in 3 1/2 pots and 4 packs.
    We have 4 packs of broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kraut cabbage and peppers.
    We also carry our “Instant Gardens” which are tomato plants in a 3 gallon pot. Most of the plants have ripening tomatoes on them already!!!! We also have 1 gallon pepper plants that have peppers ready to eat.
    We carry a variety of heirloom cherry tomato plants in 3 1/2 pots as well: Black Cherry, Mexican Midget, Snow White, Red Grape, Yellow Grape, and our one plant that is not an heirloom – Sweet Million. We have some of these in an Instant Garden too.
    We also have bags of our “one of a kind” lettuce and our Swiss chard available.
    Hours will change once the berries start coming in.
    Stay Tuned!!

  • Spring has Sprung!

    We have sunshine & no rain today. Will give people the urge to start planting. We are selling our bedding plants at this time starting today, Saturday, May 17th. Hours at Brambling Rows are 11:00 – 5:00 Monday – Saturday and 2:00 – 5:00 on Sundays. We will try to maintain those hours during plant sale time. We will not be there tomorrow, Sunday, May, 18th as we have a grandson’s confirmation to attend.
    Please call 218-838-3954 if you are going to make a trip out to confirm that we are there. You can also call 218-829-3241 and listen to the daily voice mail with hours for that day in case of any changes.
    Our heirloom tomato plants are featured at ACE HARDWARE in Brainerd, MN. (Slicers & Cherry)
    At the field and at the Lakes Area Growers Market – Fridays at Gander Mountain Parking Lot in Baxter, MN and Tuesdays at Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd, MN and Nisswa Farmers Market at the American Legion Parking Lot in Nisswa, MN. 8:00 – 12:30 at all markets: We are selling our heirloom tomato plants, Instant Gardens, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, & pepper plants.
    Hope to see you this year. You will enjoy the taste of an heirloom tomato and we have a number of very popular varieties. Come give them a try.

    Our tasty “One of a Kind” Godsend lettuce & Swiss chard are also available at this time and ripe tomatoes starting next week!!!!

  • Early Spring – 2014

    11-2013 - 3-22-2014 082

    Just want to share some pictures of our blossoming tomatoes in the greenhouse and then what it looks like outside.

    It will be awhile before anything gets planted in the fields!!

     11-2013 - 3-22-2014 07311-2013 - 3-22-2014 07411-2013 - 3-22-2014 07511-2013 - 3-22-2014 080

    11-2013 - 3-22-2014 077 I’m having problems loading all of the pictures I was going to post.  My “Computer Guru” will fix the problem for me and the rest should get posted within a few days. The thermometer reads 110.1 by the way.  We cooled off in a hurry, when we stepped outside the door in the 12 degree weather!

    11-2013 - 3-22-2014 078 (640x480)11-2013 - 3-22-2014 081 (640x480)11-2013 - 3-22-2014 082 (640x480)11-2013 - 3-22-2014 077 (640x480)

    Well, finally got some more downloaded.  You can see Farmer John working in the Swiss chard bed.  You can also see what it looks like outside of the greenhouses.  We have gotten more snow since this picture was taken and another storm on the way tomorrow, Sunday, March 30th.  The hydroponic lettuce is  growing quite well and is much taller than it was in this photo now.  We really do hope to have some better weather soon.  We just have to take what we get 🙁