• Winters almost over!

    Just wanted you to know that we haven’t been hibernating.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  What a winter this year!  Just like the ones we remember when we were kids.

    The tomatoes and peppers are started and the greenhouses will be fired up eventually.  We usually get the heat started on March 1st.  Not this winter though – John has been needing to go over to clean the driveway out at the field about every 3 or 4 days and the greenhouse roof is covered with snow yet.  Yikes, surely hope it warms up soon.  It has been such a struggle in this area this year just to heat homes.  We hope the good Lord will be good and help us to raise our products before the growing season is over!

    Looking forward to another successful year of growing and supplying you with some good healthy goodies!


    Tomatoes & Peppers – waiting to be  transported to the greenhouse.

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    Don’t miss out on getting your GRAPES! They are a fabulous jelly, jam, juice and wine grape. We also have our heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss chard, daikon radishes, kohlrabi, and Fall raspberries available. Fall is in the air and we all know what isn’t far behind that. Come before it is too late!!!!

  • Do you need any dill?

    Not only do we have Fall raspberries, Fall strawberries and grapes available for picking, but we still have a good supply of dill available. Don’t forget to get on the list for canning tomatoes. Our canning tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes – so – lots of good tomato flavor! We have lots of Swiss chard available as well. Call 218-838-3954 for more information.


    Fall Raspberries and Fall Strawberries are available now…..

    Fall RaspberriesStrawberries













    Please call 218-838-3954 to get on the list or schedule an appointment.

    We also have canning tomatoes available.  Please call the above number to get on the call list.

    We still have our yummy greenhouse tomatoes, Swiss chard, cucumbers, peppers, and some lettuce. You may be able to see the biggest kohlrabi you have ever seen that never gets woody.  Our Grapes are ready for picking and we have a very abundant supply this year.  Don’t miss out!!!!

    We do not have regular hours this time of the year and do by appointment because we don’t want people to drive out and our not have the product available that particular day.

    Don’t forget, you can stand up to pick our fall strawberries – no more crawling around on the ground – Yahoo!

  • Heirloom Canning Tomatoes

    Give us a call to get on the list for our variety of heirloom canning tomatoes. Weather has warmed up and the field tomatoes are ripening. Don’t forget that we also have our heirloom greenhouse tomatoes and greenhouse lettuce. Our fall raspberries are going now and the fall strawberries. We must take appointments for them as they take longer to ripen. We have a call list for them as well. Enjoy what there is left of summer!!!!!

  • 2013 Berry Season

    We are still picking raspberries and have some blueberries available for picking. We do not pre-pick except for a few small containers that John takes to the markets. “Sorry” Strawberries should start about August 15th. If any earlier, I will post on the website and the Brambling Rows Berry Farm facebook page. Our grapes are looking great this year (Knock on wood) and they should be ready about the first week of September. Remember, they are a good juice, jelly, and wine grape. We hand out a great “Easy” grape juice recipe. If using GPS or phone please remember the address of the farm is 7664 Roscoe Road, Brainerd, Minnesota. Call for appointments. Thanks much!


    Raspberries have started but we won’t be open until July 22nd to the public. We should have raspberries through out the fall as our summer berries are late (due to the cool spring) and the falls aren’t far behind. Call when you want to come to see what the availability is at the time. Hope to see you!